Driving Sales Success

Driving Sales Success

  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Organization Development
  • Sales Compensation
Accelerate Consulting Group helps our clients identify how they can improve business performance by enhancing sales force productivity and motivation. Our problem-solving approach and drive for results enables us to diagnose and resolve issues that impede management, employee and sales force performance. The Sales Effectiveness practice supports growth plan execution for our clients by developing appropriate customer-driven approach to market, customer segmentation and target accounts and channel management strategies and tactics. Read more
Sales Effectiveness
Organizational development aligns human capital with sales strategies and business needs. Accelerate Consulting Group helps its clients design effective sales organizations, clarify sales roles and job design, and create efficient territories to cover the market. We also support sales management practices that drive productivity and empower businesses to unlock value created by leveraging employees’ knowledge, skills and capabilities. When an organization is properly structured and are correctly aligned with business strategies and key objectives, sales effectiveness and productivity increase. Read more
Organization Development
Your people can be your company’s greatest asset and it’s most unpredictable. The challenge for many companies is clear: how do you design compensation plans and incentive sales staff in a way that is transparent, effective and in line with your organization’s strategic and financial goals? Accelerate Consulting Group understands the challenge. We’ve helped many companies work through the process to arrive at a solution that is unique to their situation, and that helps them grow, succeed and meet their revenue and profit goals. Read more
Sales Compensation


At Accelerate Consulting Group, we understand the challenges sales organizations have to create compensation programs that attract, motivate and empower sales teams to drive sales success and increase profitability. 

To help our clients achieve their sales performance and overall growth goals, we focus on three key areas:

Align, Execute, Grow - Accelerate Consulting Group


We partner with our clients to align their sales strategies and their people with their overall organizational goals and objectives.



We develop and help our clients execute compensation plans that organize, motivate and hold people accountable for business results.



We identify and motivate the human capital investments that generate the highest return to help clients increase sales and grow their business.

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Selling In a Low Demand Economy

The economy continues to struggle. As austerity takes center stage, consumers continue cutting back. Corporations are profitable after earlier belt tightening but remain cautious due to uncertainty. Bank lending is almost nonexistent. Unemployment remains high. The result is sluggish growth. Forecasts for the long awaited economic recovery are grim. It could take years.

The Importance of Strategically Designed Compensation Plans

Compensation plans have not always been considered a strategic business initiative.  However, with the effects they have on recruiting, retaining and motivating people as well as the implications for a company's bottom line, compensation design is a critical element to achieving success.  

Lessons From The Great Recession: Setting Quotas When The Economy Is Unpredictable and Turbulent

Although the National Bureau of Economic Research considers the recession over, many businesses are still feeling the impact of the downturn of the economy. Businesses and individuals continue to confront the debt hangover and deleverage while eagerly waiting for a definitive sign that the worst is behind us.

Executives are beginning to be more cautiously optimistic about the economy. Business prospects appear to be brightening but executives are still wary of taking any significant risk.