Kevin O’Connell, a sales compensation and effectiveness expert with more than two decades of experience helping organizations improve business performance, founded Accelerate Consulting Group. He counsels clients on aligning human capital programs, business strategy, and sales and marketing effectiveness to realize their profitable growth goals. Through Accelerate Consulting Group, Mr. O’Connell helps business leaders and sales management eliminate barriers to growth, especially in:


  • Approach to market and sales strategy (e.g., segmentation and sales approach)
  • Organizational effectiveness and design (e.g., structure and roles)
  • Management processes (e.g., compensation design, goal setting, and performance management.)

Kevin O’Connell has consulted for major organizations in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, financial services, technology, and business services sectors.

Prior to founding Accelerate Consulting Group, Mr. O’Connell worked at Sibson & Company, a leading human capital consulting firm, for 15 years as a senior leader in the firm’s sales effectiveness practice. Mr. O’Connell also held several human resource positions at RCA, designing and implementing HR programs for sales managers, field sales, and other customer-facing positions.

Kevin O’Connell earned an M.B.A. degree from Pace University and a bachelor’s degree from King’s College, both with honors.

Mr. O’Connell has conducted lectures and seminars on sales effectiveness and sales compensation for the American Management Association, Synygy Annual Conference, and other industry conferences. He has also written articles for multiple external business publications.

“Kevin is first rate. He has great experience, is very thorough and extremely personable, gets to the right questions and gets people to open their minds and look at compensation in a different way.  I have nothing but praise for Kevin’s work.  He does what he promises and we’ve been more than 100% satisfied.” 
(N.B., President)

“Kevin was very effective in helping us to sell and engage key leaders in the design of the new reward strategy. We relied on him not only to educate us on best practices, but also for his expertise in recommending design and communication strategies for implementing the new sales compensation plans. Having achieved the buy-in and sponsorship from key executives and field-based leaders, we successfully rolled out the new sales compensation plans and, most importantly, drove alignment between the sales compensation plans and desired business results. I have tremendous respect for Kevin. He is extremely effective, knowledgeable and a great partner in helping to manage significant organization change and tough issues.”
J.C., Director of HR


"We wanted a fresh look at our sales compensation plan to find ways to improve it, make sure we offered fair and equitable compensation for each employee in order to increase our retention and ensure it was also a good plan for the company. Accelerate Consulting Group provided us with information on industry base pay ranges and percentage of compensation at risk and we discovered our base pay was low and our compensation at risk was a bit high. The new plan design helped us to solidify our sales reps and we were able to improve our turnover rate." E.E. - Senior VP Sales