8 Best Practices for Sales Compensation Field Testing

In this, the third of three articles about determining the proper mix between salary and incentive cash when calculating sales…

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Sales Compensation Test Designs: Core Assumptions to Test

In the previous article in this series, Kevin O’Connell and Mark Blessington described the challenges faced by employers who want…

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Sales Compensation: The Value of Testing

Businesses face change at a faster rate today than at any other time in history, making the calculation of sales…

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New Year | New Plan

The holidays are over, and the optimism of the New Year is upon us. It is time to finalize the…

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Sales Compensation

Calculating Sales Compensation ROI

By Kevin O’Connell  Managing Partner, Accelerate Consulting Group Calculating the ROI on sales compensation is not just an activity for…

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Sales Incentives

Lesson Learned: Metrics Require History

By Kevin O’Connell  Managing Partner, Accelerate Consulting Group Caution:  New metrics for sales incentives require history. I learned this lesson…

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Sales Compensation Plan

How to Successfully Roll Out A New Sales Compensation Plan

By Kevin O’Connell, Founder, Accelerate Consulting Group Even the most effective sales compensation plan designs can be destined for failure…

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The 6 Things That Keep Sales Executives Awake At Night

By Kevin O’Connell, Founder of Accelerated Consulting Group In recent discussions with sales leaders, six key issues emerged that captured…

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Creating a Successful Sales Incentive Plan in 5 Decisions

A sales leader has to have a defined sales strategy and sales roles before designing or modifying the sales compensation…

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