We also support clients on non-sales compensation projects primarily for management and core employees. Like sales people, managers and employees require compensation programs that ensure competitive pay levels, provide motivation, reward for achievement of goals, and support talent management objectives.

Compensation Strategy

We work with clients to articulate how compensation is used within their organization:

  • Prominence of compensation relative to other employee value proposition components.
  • Competitive framework or comparator group and geography used to assess pay.
  • Governance and decision rights to effectively manage compensation.
  • Communication strategy to provide compensation program details to employees.

Compensation Assessment

We help clients understand competitive trends within their marketplace:

  • Comparison of client salary and total compensation (salary plus incentive) to market pay.
  • Custom compensation surveys.

Program Design

We design compensation programs to support clients’ business objectives and HR strategies:

  • Salary Structure
  • Management incentives
  • Employee rewards