Accelerate Consulting Group helps our clients improve business performance by enhancing sales force productivity and motivation. Our problem-solving approach enables us to diagnose and resolve issues that impede management, employee, and sales force performance.
Our Sales Effectiveness practice supports growth-plan execution for our clients by developing an appropriate customer-driven approach to market, customer segmentation, and target accounts and channel management strategies and tactics.
During the process, we work closely with our clients to develop a deep understanding of their business, internally and externally. That way, we’ll earn the capability to align their sales initiatives with their overall company goals and objectives. Our systematic approach helps us identify and eliminate any and all barriers to growth.

Approach to market

Understanding your market is the first step to sales effectiveness. Accelerate Consulting Group helps its clients gain a thorough understanding of their market by questioning basic assumptions about market strategy and growth targets. We conduct market research to determine or confirm the market size, opportunity potential, possible threats, and to identify target customers. Through market research/analysis and interviewing existing customers, ACG gains valuable insight on how a product or service can be effectively sold.

Segmentation/target accounts

After reviewing a client’s approach to market, we collaborate with the client on how best to segment its prospective customer base. Should the sales approach be based on specific products or services, on geography or on certain industries? Should some of the sales team be responsible for selling in to existing customers, while others focus on just new customers? A clear segmentation of customers and prospects is critical for a sales team to be successful.

Channel management

Depending on the product or service being sold, different channels to reach customers will be more effective, while others may be obsolete. Some companies may have more success selling on the Internet; some may require in-person meetings with field account sales managers sales reps, while other products or services may be best sold over the phone or through a channel partner strategy.

Determining the best channels and effectively managing those channels can make or break a sales team.